Brexit: A European Perspective

A very warm welcome to the E-International Relations blog ‘Brexit: A European Perspective’.

Since the February 2016 announcement of a Brexit referendum, the issue of Britain’s membership in the European Union has been highly divisive. Not only within Great Britain, but more broadly throughout Europe and the world. The Brexit referendum was announced at a time of growing challenges to the EU. The impact of austerity, a migration crisis, and the growth of Eurosceptic populism on the left and right wings raised questions about the EU’s viability. When Great Britain voted to leave the EU in June 2016, existing debates took on a new dimension. Brexit has reignited old debates about the European project and poses new challenges for the UK, the EU, and non-EU European nations.

This blog offers a forum for analysis and discussion of Europe-wide issues and perspectives on Brexit, and provides our readers with insights into ongoing debates related to these challenges. We believe that to gain a better understanding of Brexit’s implications for the EU and the UK, we need to approach the issue from different perspectives. This blog will employ insights from a range of disciplines. In addition to publishing regular blog posts from the Editors, this blog invites regular guest contributions from scholars, commentators, and policy practitioners, as well as from students, to broaden analysis of a Europe-wide issue.

Contributions should be between 500 and 1,000 words long and can deal with all aspects of ‘Brexit’, from cultural to political challenges and from the ongoing negotiations to the general Eurosceptic challenges facing the EU. They should, however, be limited to intra-European aspects. For submissions, please see here.

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