Quantitative Analysis Tools

Quantitative analysis tools (such as R/Python/Stata/SPSS) are used to analyse large datasets. The resources below have been curated by the E-International Relations team to help demystify these tools. You can find more resources on our methods homepage.

An Introduction to SPSS for Beginners by Research By Design (YouTube)

Using quantitative data for political analysis by the University of Essex (YouTube)

R Programming Tutorial – Learn the Basics of Statistical Computing by freeCodeCamp.org (YouTube)

Intro to Python by freeCodeCamp.org (YouTube)

How to use Nvivo to do interview data coding by Yidan Zhu (YouTube)

Learning from Data: the art of statistics by David Spiegelhalter (YouTube)


Sample Size Calculator. (Creative Research Systems). https://www.surveysystem.com/sscalc.htm

How To Analyze Twitter Data with MAXQDA: Social Media Analysis Guide. https://www.maxqda.com/blogpost/how-to-analyze-twitter-data

Further Reading on E-International Relations

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