We welcome short-form monographs presenting new and innovative scholarship from emerging and established academics and practitioners.

Indicative notes on format

The final word count should be 45,000–70,000 words and written to be understood and appreciated by the widest audience possible. We don’t see this as simplifying your research, more encouraging you to present it in a way that is as accessible and to-the-point as it can be.

The content must be original research – ideally something formative that you would build further on in subsequent work. Or, an extension of something shorter that you have written before. We cannot accept work that is already published elsewhere / under existing copyright with another publisher.

We are keen to receive proposals from PhD students and postdocs who have not yet had a major publication as part of our drive to support emerging scholars. Proposals from non-academics (practitioners etc.) who have relevant expertise are welcome and will be considered on merit.

What do authors get out of it?

E-International Relations is a registered non-profit org dedicated to providing free and accessible scholarship to students and academics around the world. By authoring a book under our imprint you lend your support to our open access mission, and get a high quality output distributed worldwide. We hope you will find working with a small independent publisher refreshing and worthwhile! Find out what some of our past authors have to say about us here.

Massive dissemination and impact: Due to our fully open access model, anyone can read your book, any time, at no cost. This means many more eyes on your book than the precious few who would read (or be able to access) a standard monograph. We have an engaged audience of millions ready to read your work. We will also ensure that the print copy of your book is available worldwide – from Amazon right down to local independent retailers.

Our Creative Commons license means that authors can re-use their content, without restriction, should they want to use it to build a longer book or journal article. Authors keep full ownership and copyright of their work.

Your work will be peer reviewed to scholarly standards, edited professionally, and be presented with a cover based on a high quality piece of photography consistent with your content: We will never make your book look boring with a generic cover!

You will get 5 complementary paperback copies and (of course) you will have unlimited access to the free e-book version.

Unlike most other open access publishers, we cover all of the costs of editing and production. Due to the nature of those costs, which are significant, we are unable to provide authors with a royalty. We understand that a lack of a royalty may seem unattractive, but that’s the essence of our open access model. We give the text away free in e-book to ensure the widest dissemination possible, and use our revenue streams to cover the costs and continue to invest in more open access books.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please shape it based on the format below.
When complete, email it to with the subject/title ‘Monograph’.

  1. What is the proposed topic and draft title? (max 100 words)
  2. What new thinking or perspectives will the book deliver ? (max 250 words)
  3. Summarise your academic credentials and past publications (max 250 words)
  4. Is there anything else we should know or that you want to discuss? (max 250 words)
  5. Attach a sample chapter or indicative excerpt of around 5000 words

We will respond to all proposals with a decision within 20 working days.

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