Turkish Presidential Elections and the Kurdish Peace Process

Sibel Oktay • Aug 10 2014 • Articles
Recep Tayyip Erdogan will most likely be elected as the next president of Turkey. If not, expect to see progress on the Kurdish peace process from the AKP government.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Year of Living Dangerously

Malik Mufti • Apr 20 2014 • Articles
It has been a difficult year for democratic Islamists across the Middle East. The past year's events constitute a test of the Brotherhood's commitment to democracy.

Second Image (Reversed), Framing Effects, and Turkey’s Gezi Park Demonstrations

Edward Webb • Jul 1 2013 • Articles
Prime Minister Erdoğan is not in imminent danger of losing power, but the protests and his response to them could be consequential for Turkey's democracy and its role in international relations.

Bridge No More? Turkish Public Diplomacy and Branding under the AKP Government

Efe Sevin • Oct 5 2012 • Articles
In order to better communicate with the rest of the world regardless of their religious affiliations and establish a stable identity, Turkey should focus on institutionalizing its public diplomacy attempts and should soften its anger-driven rhetorical style.

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