Review Feature – The Armenian Genocide

Levon Chorbajian • Jul 11 2016 • Features

The Armenian Genocide is rarely front page news, but it roils in the background as Turkey continues to struggle with its very large non-Turkish Muslim population.

Nagorno Karabakh: Armenia’s Claims, Azerbaijan’s Position, and the Peace Efforts

İsa Burak Gonca • Jun 4 2016 • Articles

Karabakh is important for Azerbaijan and Armenia; none side will give up their claims. In a place where country interests in the region continue, the solution is hard.

Current Military and Political Menaces in the South Caucasus

Eduard Abrahamyan • Feb 11 2015 • Articles

Coercion and blackmail towards neighbors may be an inherent feature of Putin’s current policy. Thus, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan are not immune to Russian actions.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place? EU-Armenia Relations after Vilnius

Günter Walzenbach • Nov 26 2014 • Articles

Economic rapprochement between Russia and the West is unlikely to occur so long as Putin pursues his pet project – the Eurasian Customs Union.

Resolving Karabakh? The Problem of Protracted Conflicts

Emma Stewart • Dec 18 2013 • Articles

As academics and policy-makers, we need to develop viable research frameworks that combine empirical evidence and expert knowledge to help us to tackle unresolved conflicts.

‘The Shadow of an Axe’: Exploring the Hungary-Azerbaijan-Armenia Diplomatic Tensions

Andras Racz • Sep 30 2012 • Articles

With the extradition of Ramil Safarov to Azerbaijan, Hungary maneuvered itself into a position where it has to cope with all the negative domestic and international consequences of the case.

Can Fukushima Cause a Turko-Armenian Rapprochement?

Serhan Ünal • May 9 2011 • Articles

The destructive tsunami which wreaked untold devastation upon Japan can serve as a cautionary tale for the South Caucasus, by forcing Turkey and Armenia to engage in confidence-building measures and to remove the common danger of nuclear disaster. There is nothing to lose for either party; the chances are that they both stand to gain mutually from the deal.

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