Armenian genocide

Review Feature – The Armenian Genocide

Levon Chorbajian • Jul 11 2016 • Features

The Armenian Genocide is rarely front page news, but it roils in the background as Turkey continues to struggle with its very large non-Turkish Muslim population.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan’s Non-Apologies to the Armenians and Kurds

Fatma Müge Göçek • Jul 7 2014 • Articles

The lukewarm responses of the Armenian state and Kurdish and Armenian social groups reveal that Erdoğan’s statements were merely political statements, not apologies.

Approaching 2015: How to Assess Erdoğan’s Statement on the Armenian Genocide?

Taner Akcam • Jun 4 2014 • Articles

Prime Minister Erdoğan’s statement on the Armenian Genocide elevated previous utterances made by government officials to the level of Turkey’s official position.

Erdoğan’s Condolences: Too Little, Too Late within a Steadily Changing Context

Ara Sanjian • May 8 2014 • Articles

Many Armenians believe that Erdoğan’s condolences constitute too little at this stage and do not provide hope for any major breakthrough in Armenian-Turkish relations.

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