Interview – Mohammad Tarikul Islam

E-International Relations • Jun 15 2021 • Features

Tarik Islam discusses participatory rural development, the importance of citizen participation, localizing the SDGs in Bangladesh and the need for non-traditional methodologies.

Decolonising Queer Bangladesh: Neoliberalism Against LGBTQ+ Emancipation

Ibtisam Ahmed • Aug 16 2019 • Articles

While international solidarity is important and Western allies can provide much-needed security, it is vital for queer activism itself to be grounded in decolonisation.

The Geopolitics of the 2018 Parliamentary Elections in Bangladesh

Mubashar Hasan and Arild Engelsen Ruud • Feb 6 2019 • Articles

Human rights, freedom of speech and political equality are likely to remain under pressure even while the West is likely to continue its support for dissents and critics.

Silent Birangonas: Sexual Violence, Women’s Voices and Male Conflict Narratives

Annika Wolke • Sep 19 2017 • Essays

The experience of Bangladesh’s Birangona women show the influence of gendered narratives of war, culture and nationalism in conflict.

Walking the Reflexive Talk

Audrey Alejandro • Sep 17 2016 • Articles

Semi-directive interviews are an innovative methodology that could apprehend the subjective and objective conditions of reflexivity understood as a social practice.

Dhee: Unknowability and Queering Realities in Bangladesh

Saad Adnan Khan • Feb 9 2016 • Articles

The politics around sexuality are manifold. Through Dhee’s advocacy in Bangladesh, there is hope that an organic shift in understanding will take place community members.

Ansarullah Bangla Team: A Major Threat for Bangladesh’s Democracy

Siegfried O. Wolf • Jan 30 2016 • Articles

Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh poses the most dangerous challenge to the idea of a tolerant, secular democracy in a Muslim majority country.

Problems with Facts about Rohingya Statelessness

Nick Cheesman • Dec 8 2015 • Articles

Ironically, and tragically, the surpassing symbolic and juridical power of ‘national race’ identity is for the Rohingya at once their problem and their solution.

String of Pearls: India and the Geopolitics of Chinese Foreign Policy

Ashay Abbhi • Jul 26 2015 • Articles

At the cusp of energy security balances the diplomatic battle in the Indian Ocean has generated enough interest for the world to watch the passive stand-offs keenly.

Accountability, Peace, Development and Democracy in Bangladesh

Paulo Casaca • Jul 24 2015 • Articles

The European Union should promote a dialogue between political forces in Bangladesh that will allow a return to stability and normal democratic means to contest power.

Saudi – Bangladeshi Relations in Perspective

Robert Mason • Feb 27 2014 • Articles

Should Saudi tensions with Iran ease, relations with Bangladesh could pick up as Ministers in Riyadh feel able to further diversify relations in South Asia.

Elections in Bangladesh: Political Conflict and the Problem of Credibility

Jasmin Lorch • Feb 2 2014 • Articles

The recent election in Bangladesh was accompanied with credibility issues and conflict, and comprehensive political dialogue will be necessary to break the political deadlock.

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