Opinion – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of COVID-19 Recovery Financing in Europe

Frederick Kliem • Jun 17 2020 • Articles
COVID-19 has exposed the weaknesses of both the EU and the eurozone and brought into question the fiscal and political survival of the bloc.

Review – The Left Case Against the EU

Thomas Fazi • May 5 2019 • Features
An important contribution to the left debate over the European Union that mercilessly shatters many of the arguments presented by 'remain and reform' advocates.

Review – Adults in the Room: My Battle With Europe’s Deep Establishment

Alfredo Hernandez Sanchez • Oct 16 2018 • Features
Rather than a lesson on the economics of bailouts and austerity, Varoufakis' memoir reads like a treatise on the politics of sovereign debt restructuring during crises.

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter. Welcome to 2017

Patrick Bijsmans and Russell Foster • Jan 15 2017 • Articles
In the midst of Brexit, 2017 is the year in which the fate of the European Union will be decided.

Greeks and Psychiatry in Crisis

Alexandros Argyriadis • May 29 2015 • Articles
The post-2008 financial crisis goes beyond the economic problems that Greece now faces. It has also created a generalized crisis in the field of psychiatry.

What Lies Ahead: Accelerating Growth or Secular Stagnation?

Andrew Kliman • Jan 24 2014 • Articles
Although recent statistics point to the end of the recession in the Eurozone and the UK, and to economic growth in the US, there are some good reasons to critically examine these ‘recoveries’.

Letta’s Government: Between the Italian Rock and the European Hard Place

Franco Pavoncello • May 17 2013 • Articles
There is widespread domestic consensus that Enrico Letta’s government is the only road that Italy can travel for now. How long it will survive Italian and European politics is another matter.

Review – From Stagnation to Forced Adjustment

Jared A. Pincin • Mar 27 2013 • Features
The economic crisis in Greece and the financial bailouts it received sent shockwaves through the Eurozone and global markets. Could reforms have avoided the collapse? Why were they not successful?

Can Europe Survive the Euro?

Vivien A Schmidt • Aug 6 2012 • Articles
How can one change the policies of the European Union without politicization? What the EU needs is ‘policy with politics' where the Eurozone crisis should be solved through growth, not endless austerity and decline.

‘Democracy is in Peril’: Agonistic Pluralism after the Greek Election

Harry Weeks • Jul 23 2012 • Articles
What should be taken from the Greek election is that the political institutions of the country offered, and the electorate seriously considered, an alternative.

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