Gay Pride

Japanese ‘LGBT Boom’ Discourse and its Discontents

Ioana Fotache • Aug 20 2019 • Articles

The separation between political queer discourse and local behaviour has long existed and the adoption of universal terminology risks rendering subjectivities invisible.

Parading Resilience: Sexual Minority Rights in Northern Ireland

Marian Duggan • Jun 8 2016 • Articles

As well as being open to heterosexual attendees, Pride is among one of the few visibly and proudly non-sectarian events to take place in Northern Ireland.

Sexual Modernity in Amazonia

Manuela Lavinas Picq and Josi Tikuna • Jul 2 2015 • Articles

Sexual perspectives matter because they reveal ‘modernity’ in unexpected places. Gay pride celebrations and homo-affective Tikuna couples tell ‘unexpected’ stories.

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