Indigenous Self-Determination

Self-Determination: A Perspective from Abya Yala

Emilio del Valle Escalante • May 20 2014 • Articles

In their approaches to indigenous rights, both the EZLN and MAS allow us to critically explore what is at stake in our efforts to overcome (neo)colonialism.

Tibetan Self-Determination: A Stark Choice for an Abandoned People

Rob Dickinson • May 18 2014 • Articles

Tibetans have been abandoned to their fate. Neither the USA nor Russia wish to set the agenda and engage directly with China over self-rule for the indigenous Tibetans.

Self-Determination as Self-Transformation

Tim Rowse • May 16 2014 • Articles

“Self-determination” refers to a new phase of adaptation, in which Indigenous people demand (and hopefully get) new resources for self-transformation.

Self-Determination and State Definitions of Indigenous Peoples

Ravi de Costa • May 14 2014 • Articles

At a high level of generalization, we see three broad characteristics with which state definition practices and regimes regarding Indigenous peoples might be explained.

On the Meaning of Restoring Indigenous Self-Determination

Marc Woons • May 13 2014 • Articles

Restoring Indigenous self-determination must also – or primarily – be about Indigenous peoples asserting themselves and promoting healing from within.

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