Afghan Refugees and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Grant Farr • May 26 2020 • Articles
Afghanistan has neither the medical facilities nor the organizational structure to deal with these returning refugees and the pandemic they bring.

Opinion – Iran’s End Game Beyond Coronavirus

Ramesh Sepehrrad • Apr 7 2020 • Articles
The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the inherent dictatorial nature of the Islamic Republic, and may prove a final countdown towards its end.

Opinion – Iran 2020: Election Polls, Panics and Predictions

Ramesh Sepehrrad • Feb 20 2020 • Articles
Iran’s parliamentary election is best understood as one held by a regime in fear of its unraveling in the hands of Iranian people, paralyzed with international isolation.

Opinion – 2020’s Dawn: Coronavirus, Natural Disasters and Political Insecurity

Emrah Atar • Feb 1 2020 • Articles
2020's issues have political and social elements that could be solved with concerted efforts over public health, climate change and diplomacy.

Opinion – Iranian Soft Power in a Post Soleimani Era

Alison Assiter • Jan 20 2020 • Articles
The anti-regime protests may begin to undermine the spread of Iranian soft power and also lead to political and social change for the Iranian people.

When Military Coups d’état Become Acts of Social Justice

Nadine Olafsson • Jan 17 2020 • Articles
The field of military studies and the field of social justice are often seen as antagonisms, when they do not necessarily have to be.

Opinion – The Iranian Regime’s Future Post Soleimani

Aditya Raj • Jan 15 2020 • Articles
It is the perfect time for a transition of power in Iran but this time the United States should work on it in a peaceful manner, unlike in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Trump is Right About Iran, Yet Wrong

Alam Saleh • Jul 25 2019 • Articles
President Trump has inherited a limited range and scope of choices in confronting Iran. Right or wrong, he has no option in dealing with Iran but to deal with Iran.

Hunger Strikes, Iran and Universal Human Rights

Alison Assiter • Jul 18 2019 • Articles
The notion of a human right, enshrined in the UN Convention, is nonetheless vital in the context of the rise of the far right and the rise of religious fundamentalism.

Becoming a ‘Responsible Power’?: China’s New Role During the JCPOA Negotiations

Daniel Johanson • Apr 4 2019 • Articles
When U.N. requirements were not met by Iran, China allowed stricter sanctions to be passed. Each time, China's goal was to have Iran come back to the negotiating table.

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