Interview – Cas Mudde

E-International Relations • Oct 2 2022 • Features

Cas Mudde explores the rise of the far right and its impacts in different parts of the world, and elucidates the political importance of the Israeli settler movement.

Opinion – The Complexities of Establishing Who Killed Shireen Abu Aqla

Alexander Loengarov • May 17 2022 • Articles

Even if an investigation took place, the mainstream Israeli and Palestinian standpoints in the overall conflict seem light-years apart from each other.

Interview – Vera Michlin-Shapir

E-International Relations • Apr 12 2022 • Features

Vera Michlin-Shapir talks about Russian foreign and domestic policy, including the war against Ukraine and media freedom, as well as Israeli foreign policy.

Opinion – The Silencing of Amnesty International’s Report on Israeli Apartheid

Jeff Handmaker • Feb 18 2022 • Articles

Racism in Israel is multi-layered and arguably not unique in comparison with other countries. However, in the context of an institutionalized regime of legal apartheid, its impact on Palestinians is devastating.

Analysing Amnesty International’s ‘Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians’ Report

Alexander Loengarov • Feb 10 2022 • Articles

The report spotlights practices that warrant scrutiny, yet what is equally worrisome is that it seems to be part of a movement to delegitimize Israel as a state.

Interview – Yaser Alashqar

E-International Relations • Sep 9 2021 • Features

Yaser Alashqar discusses the role of external actors in the Israel-Palestine conflict, plus the impact of normalisation deals and the election of Naftali Bennet on the conflict.

Opinion – Discriminatory Ice Cream?

Alexander Loengarov • Aug 10 2021 • Articles

Ben & Jerry’s market is concerned with left-wing causes like social rights, racial justice and environmental sustainability. For a large part of that constituency, the Palestinian issue is another top-rank concern.

Assessing One-State and Two-State Proposals to Solve the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Jeremy Pressman • Jun 27 2021 • Articles

On four criteria for comparing the two options, a two-state solution probably fares better, but neither option looks especially promising or easier to achieve.

Opinion – China and the US in Israel: The Lucrative Versus the Indispensable?

Nicholas Lyall and Roie Yellinek • May 27 2021 • Articles

The economic value of Israel’s Chinese links are not sufficient to match the comprehensive nature of the US-Israeli partnership.

State Social Media and National Security Strategy: Israel’s Operation Protective Edge

Marisa Tramontano • Apr 20 2021 • Articles

The IDF’s imagery showcases the durable background symbols that make social media posts powerful, effective, and convincing.

Opinion – Dangers Within Humanitarianism to Israel’s National Security

Giulia Dal Bello • Apr 1 2021 • Articles

The international community should recognize the well-established narrative against Israel and update judicial mechanisms to address asymmetrical conflicts and hybrid terrorist organizations.

Opinion – Israel-Palestine Policy Under Biden

Cindy May • Jan 1 2021 • Articles

While Biden is set to spend much of his early months in office reversing Trump-era policies, Israel-Palestine is one area where change is likely to be more measured.

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