Kofi Annan

African Diplomacy and the Development of Self-Awareness

Stephen Chan • Nov 8 2017 • Articles
African diplomacy has not only come of age, but brings something new of benefit to the continent and possibly to the wider world.

R2P and its Application to the Crisis in Mali

James P. Rudolph • Apr 16 2013 • Articles
R2P offers itself as an attractive, all-encompassing alternative to those who want more emphasis on measures short of war. In Mali, it has a positive role to play in responding to human rights violations.

Has Kofi Annan Failed in Syria?

Michael Aaronson • May 30 2012 • Articles
One can see why some would argue that the Annan plan has failed. However, it is important to retain a realistic perspective about how much a third-party mediator can hope to achieve given the circumstances.

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