LAWS Debate

‘Effective, Deployable, Accountable: Pick Two’: Regulating Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems

John Williams • Aug 12 2021 • Articles

LAWS regulation looks as though it may be an object lesson in the risks of seeing ideational social-structural phenomena as material and immutable.

Introducing Guiding Principles for the Development and Use of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems

The Guiding Principles are a starting point for discussing how autonomous weapons might be somewhat constrained and what ‘good’ practice might look like.

Guiding Principles for the Development and Use of LAWS: Version 1.0

The Canberra Working Group • Apr 15 2020 • Articles

The advent of lethal autonomous weapon systems (LAWS) presents States with new political, technological, operational, legal and ethical challenges.

A Critique of the Canberra Guiding Principles on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems

Thompson Chengeta • Apr 15 2020 • Articles

With the current banphobia in Geneva, it is important note that those who seek a regulation, maintenance of human control over LAWS or a ban seek the same thing.

Historical and Contemporary Reflections on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

John R. Emery • Apr 15 2020 • Articles

Technology offers military decision-makers an alluring appeal to technological fixes to ethico-political dilemmas of killing in war.

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