Review – The Rise and Fall of Peace on Earth

Luke Cooper • Jul 4 2019 • Features
Mandelbaum's book is an analytically flawed, contradictory and unconventional piece of realist scholarship that considers the instability of the post-Cold War period.

Saving Grace or Achilles Heel? The Odd Relationship Between Nuclear Weapons and Neo-Realism

Adam P. MacDonald • Oct 25 2018 • Articles
Its time for Neo-Realists to quit using nuclear weapons as anomaly fixers, even if this necessities a fundamental reworking of their basic principles.

Introducing Realism in International Relations Theory

Sandrina Antunes and Isabel Camisão • Feb 27 2018 • Articles
Realism claims to explain the reality of international politics by emphasising the constraints on politics that result from humankind’s nature and the absence of a central authority above the state.

A Contemporary Perspective on Realism

Felix Rösch and Richard Ned Lebow • Feb 17 2018 • Articles
Realism, especially in its classical form, is far from being ready for the dustbin of the history of IR theory – as some critics suggest.

Open Access Book – Realism in Practice: An Appraisal

E-International Relations • Jan 9 2018 • Features
A diverse range of authors seek to define the conceptual aspects of realism and establish whether the tradition still provides the necessary conceptual tools to scholars.

Online Resources – Realism

E-International Relations • Jan 5 2017 • Online resources
A collection of resources introducing, and exploring, the International Relations theory of realism.

Waltzian Metatheory: A Rejoinder to Brittnee Carter

Robert W. Murray • Jul 31 2013 • Articles
A recent article on e-IR examined some of the metatheoretical implications of Waltz’s 1979 Theory of International Politics. Though an excellent analysis, there are some points to add.

Kenneth Waltz, Metatheorist?: Mind-World Monism in ‘Theory of International Politics’

Brittnee Carter • Jul 29 2013 • Articles
The late-Kenneth Waltz’s ‘Theory of International Politics’ is full of metatheoretical implications that have been largely overlooked by scholars and students of International Relations.

Kenneth Waltz: The Man Who Saved Realism

Ian Hall • Jun 24 2013 • Articles
When Kenneth Waltz passed away International Relations lost one of its finest theorists. But, Waltz’s greatest legacy to IR was his revival – indeed, his resurrection – of realism.

Situating Religion in International Relations Theory

Nukhet Sandal • Aug 28 2012 • Articles
IR theorists face the challenge of situating religion in their explanations of global events, but, as Sandal argues, this does not necessarily require the abandoning of existing theories.

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