Pax Americana

Has the United Nations Become Irrelevant?

Joseph E. Schwartzberg • Mar 24 2017 • Articles

Seismic shifts in the global geopolitical landscape and other existential issues make the UN more relevant today than ever before in the seven decades of its existence.

The End of Pax Americana or a New Realignment?

Maurizio Geri • Feb 26 2017 • Articles

The international shift from cooperation to conflict that Trump’s administration has made is based on the continuation of the Obama administration, with opposite means.

Managing Global Security beyond ‘Pax Americana’

Harvey M. Sapolsky • Jan 21 2017 • Articles

The rivalry of superpowers that we saw in the 20th century was a certain kind of world order. The hubris of one rich and powerful nation, the USA, is another – and one that is likely to end soon.

Review – Rethinking Hegemony

Tom Chodor • Sep 14 2015 • Features

Although some of his criticisms are slightly overstated, Worth successfully clarifies the concept of hegemony and applies it to analyses of major contemporary trends.

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