Securitization Theory

Review – Whiskey & International Relations Theory

Filipe dos Reis and Adhemar Mercado • Apr 21 2021 • Features

The Whiskey & International Relations Theory podcast considers classical texts and recent debates in IR in an engaging and accessible way.

The Ideological Securitization of COVID-19: Perspectives from the Right and the Left

Ugo Gaudino • Jul 28 2020 • Articles

The protection of physical safety, above all in times of pandemics, appears to be a mutually shared national security issue to treat in an objective and rational fashion.

Applying Securitization’s Second Generation to COVID-19

Lewis Eves and James Thedham • May 14 2020 • Articles

The United Kingdom and Serbia have been selected to show how second-generation thinking can be applied to both western and non-western political cultures.

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