Jus Post Bellum and Responsibilities to Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Laura E. Alexander and Kristopher Norris • Feb 6 2020 • Articles

Pope Francis draws on jus post bellum to demand that states who intervene militarily in the affairs of others, take responsibility for those displaced by intervention.

The Iranian Revolution at 40: Shifting Grounds, Continuing Resilience

Mohammed Nuruzzaman • Mar 14 2019 • Articles

Despite challenges, the Islamic Republic is here to stay with its military and social capacity to defend itself from foreign aggression and domestic intervention.

Review – Kant’s International relations

Davide Orsi • Aug 31 2018 • Features

Molloy argues that Kant’s writings on international politics must be understood in relation to Kant’s broader philosophy which is something that devotees have neglected.

Little Do They Know. How (Not) to Theorise Religion and International Relations

Jodok Troy • Sep 11 2015 • Articles

Less theology and more religious sociology along with the study of political theory would contribute a more nuanced understanding of ‘Nations under God’.

Psychology Not Theology: Overcoming ISIS’ Secret Appeal

Arie W. Kruglanski • Oct 28 2014 • Articles

At the end of the day, ISIS’ unique blitzkrieg has been both psychological and military. Its cruelty, severity and domination project a “larger than life” sense of power.

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