Third World

From the Third World to the Global South

Alina Sajed • Jul 27 2020 • Articles

The idea of Global South could not have emerged without the conceptual work done by the term Third World, and indeed without the legacy left by its historical landmarks.

The Global South is in Exile

Mariana Kalil • May 17 2020 • Articles

The Global South is not anywhere specific, neither a specific race, ethnicity, gender or epistemology, but everyone who is a marginalized thinker denouncing their condition while yielding more feasible thoughts.

Review – The Global Trajectories of Queerness

Andrea Waling • Nov 24 2016 • Features

A must read text for anyone teaching gender studies who is seeking to diversify their accounts of queer theory, gender and sexuality from cross-cultural perspectives.

Review – The Arab World and Latin America

Kevin Funk • Jun 15 2016 • Features

Although there is a certain level of dissonance and inconsistency between chapters, both policymakers and academics are likely to find valuable insights in this volume.

The IMF and American Power

Andrea Lagna • Aug 9 2012 • Articles

The IMF is ‘in trouble’ because it does not represent a place for collective action nor of universality. Rather, it constitutes an executive agent of American power and its global projections vis-à-vis other economies.

Not quite the end of the Third World?

Nick Chan • Mar 31 2010 • Articles

One of the few things to catch the imagination out of last December’s UN climate conference in Copenhagen certainly was Tuvalu, standing up to make a desperate plea for its continuing existence. But despite Clive Hamilton’s claim that this marks the ‘tectonics plates’ shifting and a rift emerging within the Third World, it is more likely that Tuvalu’s actions will come to be little more than a wistful memory.

The End of the Third World

Clive Hamilton • Mar 29 2010 • Articles

For half a century, the Third World remained united in the face of a common threat, the influence of the United States and, to a lesser extent, the Soviet Union. But for least developed countries a greater enemy has now emerged, the threat to their survival posed by global warming, and they are no longer willing to subsume their demand that all the world’s polluters curb their activities beneath the imperative of maintaining the appearance of G77 unity.

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