World Humanitarian Summit

Back to Basics: Humanitarian Action and Accountability to Affected Populations

Ana Mosneaga • Jul 11 2016 • Articles
Getting to know the crisis-affected communities better may help to remember that they are the very raison d'être for the humanitarian action.

Follow the People to Go beyond What We Have Already Done

Mark Dybul • May 27 2016 • Articles
The fight against HIV, malaria and tuberculosis is more important than ever in a world increasingly affected by natural disasters, conflicts and economic crises.

A Matter of the Heart: The Silent Killer of the Most Vulnerable People

David Luu • May 20 2016 • Articles
The increase in cardiovascular diseases represents an imminent threat to the most vulnerable populations, particularly women, children, displaced people and migrants.

“I Am African, I Am Not a Virus”

Judy Kuriansky • May 19 2016 • Articles
It’s time to dignify and put into action the words “there is no health without mental health” as a humanitarian imperative.

Overlooked and Misunderstood: The Neglected Victims of Humanitarian Crises

Toby Porter • May 17 2016 • Articles
Older women and men's health issues are rendered invisible by a humanitarian system that relegates them to the back of the queue.

When Partnership Creates the Magic to save Lives

Ray Nishimoto • May 12 2016 • Articles
Many of the health challenges that confront humanity transcend national borders, and require all countries to work together for the global public good.

Global Health: Our Moral Compass in a World of Crisis

Jakaya Kikwete and Mukesh Kapila • May 7 2016 • Articles
Ebola and Zika show that global health risks are at an all-time high. Lurking behind them are other disease threats that will not respect national boundaries.

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