Review – Partitions

Carter Johnson • Feb 15 2020 • Features

Dubnov and Robinson explore the use of partitions by the British Empire, how they were manipulated transnationally to serve British interests, and their impacts today.

Review – Boycott! The Academy and Justice for Palestine

Lawrence Davidson • Apr 17 2018 • Features

This well written book clearly explains the origins of the movement for the academic boycott of Israel, and discusses in a thought-provoking way, where it is now going.

The Politicisation of Orientalism: The Mutation of a Paradigm

Jiayuan Wang • Nov 1 2015 • Essays

The politicisation of Orientalism by the West had led to a mutation in the paradigm such that it has become not just a manifestation of imperialism but its instrument.

Review – Deconstructing Zionism

Rumy Hasan • Apr 14 2014 • Features

Vattimo and Marder’s edited collection subjects Zionism to a sustained critique, although the philosophers’ contributions arguably vary in relevance and quality.

The Palestinian Territories and The (Self)legitimizazion of the Settlements

Lorenzo Kamel • Feb 14 2014 • Articles

It is often claimed that Article 80 of the UN Charter preserves Israel’s right to establish settlements. This problematic approach requires a better public understanding.

Israel’s New-Found Friends

Ronald Ranta • Sep 7 2011 • Articles

Many of Israel’s supporters and friends are groups that advocate hatred and intolerance. Israelis need to took a good look at themselves and decide whether they want to be associated with these racist parties. Whether Israel embraces or rejects these new-found friends will say much about the character and nature of its society and the direction it decides to take with regards to its future.

Racism and Genocide: Lies of Our Times

James Petras • Aug 6 2008 • Articles

One of the hallmarks of totalitarian ideologues is the use of the big lie: a virulent attack on a defenseless group and then a categorical denial turning victims into executioners and executioners into victims. Professor Benny Morris practices the Big Lie.

Israel and Iran: A Response to James Petras

Benny Morris • Jul 31 2008 • Articles

Prof. James Petras’s response to my article in the New York Times of 18 July 2008 (which, incidentally, was also published in the International Herald Tribune, Die Welt am Sonntag, and Corriere della Sera) is truly contemptible, and makes one wonder about the guidelines of admission to professorships. Practically every sentence in his piece contains an error or dishonesty.

The New York Times: Making Nuclear Extermination Respectable

James Petras • Jul 30 2008 • Articles

On July 18, 2008 The New York Times published an article by Israeli-Jewish historian, Professor Benny Morris, advocating an Israeli nuclear-genocidal attack on Iran with the likelihood of killing 70 million Iranians. What does this tell us about US politics and culture?

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