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Adel Elsayed Sparr is an M.Litt. (Master of Letters) graduate from the Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies program at the University of Saint Andrews. He also holds a B.A. in Arabic, as well as a B.Sc. in Political Science, both from Uppsala University. His research focuses on the State, international relations, the rule of law, legal pluralism, political theory, and foreign policy. He has been awarded the Wasenii scholarship and the Nissers scholarship for academic excellence. Mr. Elsayed Sparr currently works with the Consulate General of Sweden in Jerusalem. Author correspondence can be sent to

Legal Pluralism and Sharia: Implementing Islamic Law in States and Societies

Adel Elsayed Sparr • Dec 18 2014 • Articles
In the case of Sharia – apart from the necessary reinterpretation – the best alternative solution is not legal pluralism; it is to encourage political participation.

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