Author profile: Alen Hristov

Historical Institutionalism Meets IR: Explaining Patterns in EU Defence Spending

Alen Hristov • Feb 3 2019 • Essays
Historical institutionalist concepts explain the European Union's recent increase in defence spending through an analysis of past events and critical junctures.

The Gouzenko Affair and the Development of Canadian Intelligence

Alen Hristov • Dec 8 2018 • Essays
Canadian intelligence reached its sophistication as result of the Gouzenko Affair, which triggered a ramp up of counter-espionage and Signals Intelligence capabilities.

The UN Failure in Yugoslavia: Lessons from Canadian Peacekeeping

Alen Hristov • Nov 24 2018 • Essays
Canada's inability to improve UNPROFOR operations in Yugoslavia resulted from an interaction between an inconsistent foreign policy and a changed international system.

IPE and Transnational Criminal Law: An Imperfect Yet Fruitful Relationship

Alen Hristov • Jan 15 2018 • Essays
Transnational criminal law can contribute to the field of International Political Economy through the integration of ideas related to international financial crime.

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