Author profile: Alexander Heinze

Alexander Heinze is an Assistant Professor of law at the University of Göttingen. He is an elected member of the International Law Association Committee on Complementarity in International Criminal Law, book review editor of the Criminal Law Forum and has been working for the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court as a visiting professional. His research and publications (in English, Spanish and German) deal with various aspects of comparative law, international criminal procedure, legal theory, philosophy, the sociology of law and media law.

Slobodan Praljak’s Suicide and International Criminal Justice

Alexander Heinze • Jan 9 2018 • Articles

Hard treatment is a necessary prerequisite for an essential goal of International Criminal Justice: restorative justice, whether in the form of compensation or restitution or otherwise.

The G20 Summit’s Virtual Mob: Are Courts Prepared for a New Age of Protests?

Alexander Heinze • Aug 17 2017 • Articles

Jumping on the bandwagon of demonizing crowds does not quite get to the point of violent protests and their causes.

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