Author profile: Allen D. Hertzke

Allen D. Hertzke is David Ross Boyd Professor of Political Science, University of Oklahoma and Faculty Fellow in Religious Freedom for OU’s Institute for the American Constitutional Heritage. He is also Distinguished Senior Fellow for the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University and Senior Scholar for Georgetown University’s project on Christianity and Freedom. He is author of Representing God in Washington, an award-winning analysis of religious lobbies, which has been issued in a Chinese-language translation, Echoes of Discontent, an account of church-rooted populist movements, Freeing God’s Children: The Unlikely Alliance for Global Human Rights, and co-author of Religion and Politics in America, a comprehensive text now in its fifth edition.

Global Christian Networks for Human Dignity

Allen D. Hertzke • Dec 14 2015 • Articles
Perhaps we stand at a hinge point of Christian history as the faith’s contribution to dignity and freedom becomes more fully manifest and global.

The Globalization of Religious Advocacy in America

Allen D. Hertzke • Feb 28 2010 • Articles
National religious lobbies and advocacy organizations represent a growing phenomenon of political life in America. One of the striking recent developments is the globalization of the focus, constituencies, and vision of this religious political advocacy. From the beginning of the republic, national religious interest groups have focused periodically on international relations.

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