Author profile: Amitav Acharya

Amitav Acharya is Distinguished Professor of International Relations and the UNESCO Chair in Transnational Challenges and Governance at American University, Washington, DC. He is also a Berggruen Institute Fellow for 2019-20. His recent books include The Making of Global International Relations: Origins and Evolution of IR at Its Centenary (co-author with Barry Buzan, Cambridge, 2019), Constructing Global Order: Agency and Change in World Politics (Cambridge, 2018); and The End of American World Order, 2nd edn. (Polity, 2018). He was President of the International Studies Association (ISA) in 2014-15. He is recipient of two Distinguished Scholar Awards from the ISA, one for his “contribution to non-Western IR theory and inclusion”; and the other for his “influence, intellectual works and mentorship” in the field of International Organization.

Hegemony and Diversity in the ‘Liberal International Order’: Theory and Reality

Amitav Acharya • Jan 14 2020 • Articles

Global power shifts, anti-globalization sentiments and the rise of populist leaders highlight a crisis in the ‘hegemony-diversity gap’ at the heart of the liberal order.

Student Feature – Theory in Action: Towards a Global IR?

Amitav Acharya • Jun 28 2019 • Student Features

By widening the concept of agency, global IR puts center stage the voices of the South, its perspectives on global order and the dynamics of North–South relations.

Towards a Global International Relations?

Amitav Acharya • Dec 10 2017 • Articles

IR theories remain biased in favour of Western states. Consequently, they neglect the experiences and relationships in other parts of the world, or offer a poor fit for understanding and explaining them.

An IR for the Global South or a Global IR?

Amitav Acharya • Oct 21 2015 • Articles

IR textbooks are stubbornly Westphalic, and with limited exceptions merely pay lip-service to non-Western histories, voices and perspectives.

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