Author profile: Anand Menon

Prof. Anand Menon is Professor of Eurooean Politics and Foreign Affairs at King’s College London and Director of the UK in a Changing Europe initiative.

Security and the Brexit Effect

Security and the Brexit Effect

Brexit will neither strengthen, nor obviously weaken, the Common Security and Defence Policy. It may, however, reduce the UK’s ability to contribute to European security.

Europe’s Last Chance Saloon

Europe’s Last Chance Saloon

Europe’s increasing military shortcomings need addressing. If Europeans aspire to exert real influence over international security affairs, they must do so collectively, or not at all.

Britain in Europe: A (Further) Response to John Redwood

I believe in appreciating the EU for what it is: a uniquely well developed form of interstate cooperation focussed around a single market. Yet Europe could be made to suit us still better. Rather than playing on people’s fears of a power hungry EU that is the stuff of fiction, let us begin this task.

Britain in Europe: A Response to John Redwood

In addressing John Redwood’s claims about the European Union and the process of ratification of the Lisbon Treaty, I will not dwell on the rank hypocrisy that characterizes much, if not most, British political debate on the latter issue. Suffice to say that it suffuses all three major parties. Rather, in considering what passes for the substance of Redwood’s critique, we must navigate a bewildering mélange of half truth and innuendo.

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