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Four Reasons Not to Fear Chinese Intelligence

Andrew Brown • Nov 3 2011 • Articles

Overreaction in the West and the promotion of China as the next scary thing may seem like a relatively low risk option now that the end of the global war on terror is threatening defense/intelligence budgets and prestige. How China is integrated into the greater world system will define the coming century like no other single issue.

The Foreign Policy Impact of Privatized Intelligence

Andrew Brown • Aug 15 2011 • Articles

America is the only industrialized power that does not use its state intelligence apparatus to steal commercially valuable information on behalf of its domestic companies. What is happening today is that many US based firms are awakening to the advantages that their overseas rivals have gained from intelligence and adopting these practices themselves to fight back.

The Cost of “Friendly” Espionage Against the United States

Andrew Brown • Aug 7 2011 • Articles

As the sole remaining superpower the United States is a natural target for espionage activity for a wide range of nations. Not all of those actively spying against the United States are competing powers, as one might assume. The list of nations pursuing an active policy of intelligence gathering in the US includes strategic competitors such as Russia and China but also holds many of the closest allied states.

The Shifting Nature of Chinese Intelligence Operations

Andrew Brown • Jul 31 2011 • Articles

The People’s Republic of China, from its very inception, has placed a high premium on intelligence gathering and covert operations. The focus of Chinese intelligence activity has taken on a new shape. There has been a shift away from a sole concentration on militarily technology related espionage and the advent of a more broadly commercial focus.

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