Author profile: Andrew Linklater

Andrew Linklater is Woodrow Wilson Professor of International Politics at Aberystwyth University in Wales. His research in the 1970s and 1980s developed new linkages between political theory and international relations. Throughout the 1990s he focused on forging connections between Frankfurt School critical social theory and world politics. Over the last twenty years, he has worked on a trilogy of books, the first of which investigated the ‘problem of harm in world politics’. The second analysed the impact of the idea of civilization on the modern society of states. A third book which is under way investigates the symbolic dimensions of world politics in long-term perspective. In this period, he has become actively involved in the international network of process sociologists that has developed Norbert Elias’s writings. He has sought to develop new linkages between process sociology and IR, particularly English School analyses of societies of states. His article, ‘Norbert Elias, Process Sociology and International Relations’, was published on E-International Relations in May 29, 2012.

Reflections on Critical Theory and Process Sociology

Andrew Linklater • Jan 24 2020 • Articles

IR needs to focus more on theoretically-informed empirical research of unplanned social dynamics that distinguish process sociology from other social & political inquiry.

Civilisations and International Society

Andrew Linklater • Feb 2 2016 • Articles

The most powerful societies have not come under sustained pressure to construct an international society that does justice to different cultures or civilisations.

Civilizations and International Society

Andrew Linklater • May 3 2013 • Articles

The idea of civilization may have lost its importance, but understanding different civilizing processes is critical for promoting respect and trust between the diverse peoples of today’s international society.

Review – Theorising Medieval Geopolitics

Andrew Linklater • Jun 27 2012 • Features

The medieval era is largely-neglected in IR. Latham’s innovative study stimulates large questions about the relationship between the medieval and modern international orders.

Norbert Elias, Process Sociology and International Relations

Andrew Linklater • May 29 2012 • Articles

The influence of social theory on the study of IR has been profound in recent years. Norbert Elias was unusual amongst sociologists of his generation in placing IR at the centre of sociological analysis.

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