Author profile: Annemiek Richters, Grace Kagoyire, Theophile Sewimfura & Angela Jansen

Annemiek Richters, physician and medical anthropologist, is Professor of Culture, Health and Illness at Leiden University Medical Center and the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research, The Netherlands. Her publications focus on gender, violence and trauma, and on intercultural health care.


Grace Kagoyire is a social scientist and a public health professional working as participatory action researcher for the community-based sociotherapy program in the Eastern Province of Rwanda


Theophile Sewimfura is field coordinator of the community-based sociotherapy program in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.


Angela Jansen is Program Manager of the community-based sociotherapy program in Rwanda.

Rwanda’s Mediation of Memorialization through Community-Based Sociotherapy

Twenty years after the Rwandan genocide, the implementation of sociotherapy, and its focus on empathy and care, is helping genocide survivors deal with painful memories.

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