Author profile: Antonio Calcara

Antonio Calcara is a post-doctoral researcher at LUISS University in Rome. He won the Egmont and the European Security and Defence College “Global Strategy Ph.D. Prize” in 2019 and is the author of European Defence Decision-Making: Dilemmas of Collaborative Arms Procurement.

Review – The Hacker and the State

Antonio Calcara • Jun 11 2020 • Features

A much needed academic contribution to the IR cyber space literature that includes well-informed examinations of cyber attacks that have taken place in recent decades.

Review: The Political Economy of European Security

Antonio Calcara • Aug 15 2018 • Features

A timely and very innovative analysis of the relationships between interest groups and EU institutions in the fields of justice, home affairs and defence.

Review Feature – The Experts are Dead, Long Live the Experts!

Antonio Calcara • Oct 7 2017 • Features

Two new books, The Ideas Industry and The Death of Expertise, consider the role of experts in the current US political landscape but reach quite different conclusions.

Brexit Impact on European Armaments Cooperation: A Win-Win Situation

Antonio Calcara • Jan 26 2017 • Articles

As far as European armaments cooperation is concerned, the most likely scenario after Brexit is “business as usual”.

Review – The New Power Politics: Networks and Transnational Security Governance

Antonio Calcara • Oct 30 2016 • Features

Through a balance of quantitative and qualitative methods this volume links formal network analysis with an innovative conception of power as a dynamic element.

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