Author profile: Ariana Keyman

Evaluating Ecuador’s Decision to Abandon the Yasuni-Itt Initiative

Ariana Keyman • Feb 22 2015 • Essays

The lack of democracy associated with the decision-making process to drill Block ITT has fuelled a high degree of currently ongoing civil discontent in Ecuador.

Drawing Links Between Food Security and Land Rights in an Era of Globalization

Ariana Keyman • Jul 17 2014 • Essays

With an increasing world population and changing weather patterns, governments must rapidly address concerns regarding international policy on food security.

Civil-Military Relations in Turkey

Ariana Keyman • May 21 2012 • Essays

The shift in Turkish civil-military relations post 2002 is a consequence of an emerging reconfiguration of norms, interests, and identity in Turkish politics.

The Resilience of Arab Spring Monarchies

Ariana Keyman • Apr 2 2012 • Essays

The consequences of the Arab Spring will be different for monarchies than for republics. Arab monarchies are stronger structurally, and more flexible.

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