Author profile: Arolda Elbasani

Arolda Elbasani‘s research interests lay at the intersection of European Integration, Islamic politics, and comparative democratisation. Her articles have appeared among others at Politics and Religion, Democratization, Europe-Asia Studies, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, Balkans and Near Eastern Studies, and Sudosteuropa. She has also co-edited The Revival of Islam in the Balkans; and edited European Integration and Transformation in the Western Balkans.

Islam, National Identity and Choices of Faith in the Post-Communist Balkans

Arolda Elbasani • Oct 6 2015 • Articles

In the prevailing nationalist discourse any discoveries of faith raise the suspicion of a religious obscurantism, extra-territorial allegiances, or threats of terrorism.

European Integration in the Western Balkans: Revising the Transformative Power of the EU

Arolda Elbasani • May 30 2013 • Articles

In the Western Balkans, the main issue for the EU remains how to turn the trajectory of regime change and mounting structural deficit into a successful story of state- and institution-building.

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