Author profile: Arslan Ayan

Arslan Ayan is a PhD candidate, political correspondent based in Toronto, Canada. He holds a Master of Arts degree in IR from York University, with a thesis focusing on deep, mutually beneficial economic ties versus social, political animosity in Turkish-Israeli relations. His research interests lie in the area of state-centric security issues and power politics, with a special focus on conventional IR theory.

An Ontological Reading of Turkey’s AK Party – Gülen Movement Conflict

Arslan Ayan • Jul 21 2019 • Articles

An alliance that once existed gradually turned to conflict post-2010 because both sides began to fear an erosion in their self-identities as a source of distinctiveness.

Adding ‘T’ to BRICS: A NATO Ally in Transition

Arslan Ayan • Jul 9 2019 • Articles

Turkey’s increasing aspiration to become a member of the BRICS grouping holds economic, political, and ontological benefits for it, but will a “T” be added to BRICS soon?

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