Author profile: Asees Puri

Asees Puri is a Doctoral Candidate at the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva, Switzerland. She focuses on the interplay between violence-visuality, social-media, world-building, aesthetics, semiotics and story-telling. Her dissertation tells the story of Palmyra, Syria and the worlds of political violence it has hosted in/through the on-going conflict by borrowing insights from Science and Technology Studies scholars and travelling through social-media microsociological-ly, focusing on the surreal experience of political violence enactments at the corporeal, experiential and local level.

The Rituals of a Massacre: Mapping Violence during the Rwandan Genocide

Asees Puri • Jun 24 2020 • Articles
During the Rwandan genocide, violence became the norm, and the performance of this norm was rendered relatively easy while simultaneously being socially rewarding.

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