Author profile: Ashay Abbhi

Ashay Abbhi is a Research Analyst based out of Noida, India. He works in the Energy domain and was a Lecturer at the London School of Energy Studies before entering the corporate sector as a researcher.

Doha Talks: Economic Failure or Geopolitical Success?

Ashay Abbhi • May 5 2016 • Articles

Riyadh has pulled off a clever maneuver by not signing a deal that it negotiated and agreed to as it has politically stalled its adversaries and has been a setback to its allies.

TAPI – An Innocent Pipeline or a Strategic Sword?

Ashay Abbhi • Feb 12 2016 • Articles

TAPI certainly has the potential of becoming a great strategic asset. Regional stability will be key to TAPI’s evolution from a pipeline into a strategic sword

String of Pearls: India and the Geopolitics of Chinese Foreign Policy

Ashay Abbhi • Jul 26 2015 • Articles

At the cusp of energy security balances the diplomatic battle in the Indian Ocean has generated enough interest for the world to watch the passive stand-offs keenly.

Yemen: A Battle for Energy Supremacy

Ashay Abbhi • May 23 2015 • Articles

Yemen is the amphitheatre where the gladiators will fight each other for the coveted prize of significant amount of resources, clout, and strengthened political will

Oil Prices, OPEC, and Oil Crisis: Collateral Damage in a Greater Game

Ashay Abbhi • Jan 12 2015 • Articles

With oil prices tumbling downward some are rejoicing, but by refusing to cut production OPEC has jeopardised the economy of some of its member states.

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