Author profile: Athaulla A. Rasheed

Athaulla A Rasheed is a Researcher at the Griffith University and has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Queensland in Australia. He is a former diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former State Minister at the Ministry of Gender and Family in Maldives.

Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting GROUP PHOTO 15 people around the horseshoe

Climate Ideas as Drivers of Pacific Islands’ Regional Politics and Cooperation

An ideational approach to regional politics can better inform how climate ideas have shaped the Pacific Islands in driving their regional agenda.

Small Island Climate Diplomacy in the Maldives and Beyond

Small Island Climate Diplomacy in the Maldives and Beyond

The Maldives’ conference was a milstone initiative of island diplomacy. It drew the ideational framework of SIDS’ leadership in climate politics laying foundations for their island diplomacy.

Can the Maldives Steer Regional Power Politics?

Can the Maldives Steer Regional Power Politics?

While the Maldives changing behaviour may be under India’s influence, there is also more to this story considering the Maldives past independent foreign policy stance.

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