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Anniversary of Eastern Europe’s bloodiest Revolution reminds of the duty to unearth secrets of the past

Aura Sabadus • Dec 20 2009 • Articles

Twenty years ago this week the Romanian revolution was making international headlines. Yet those who tortured, killed and humiliated continue to hold the power, abuse the law, and live opulent lives, without showing the slightest trace of guilt.

Nuclear Disarmament: The Case Against

Aura Sabadus • Oct 5 2009 • Essays

As US President Barack Obama outlined his ambitious vision of a world without nuclear weapons, this essay proposes to analyse whether nuclear disarmament is indeed a more serious policy option today than at the dawn of the atomic age in 1945 or at the height of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

The Politics of Power and the Power of Faith: Retracing Martin Wight’s Legacy

Aura Sabadus • Sep 8 2009 • Essays

Whilst disciples and collaborators such as Hedley Bull, Robert Jackson and Brian Porter speak of Marin Wight as a seminal thinker and erudite scholar, others such as Alan James claim that his influence on the discipline is limited. This paper proposes to assess Wight’s impact on the study of International Relations.

Nuclear Non-use: Rational Deterrence, Prudence or a Long-lasting Taboo?

Aura Sabadus • Aug 23 2009 • Essays

The subject of this essay asks how the issue of nuclear non-use lends itself to constructivist understandings, namely to the interpretation of ongoing processes of social interaction determined by shared ideas.

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