Author profile: Bert Ingelaere

Bert Ingelaere is postdoctoral research fellow in the Program on Order, Conflict and Violence (OCV), Yale University, and at the University of Antwerp (IOB) and the KU Leuven (CRDP), Belgium. He studied philosophy as well as social and cultural anthropology, and holds a PhD in Development Studies. Since 2004, he has conducted over 35 months of fieldwork in Africa’s Great Lakes region. Previously, he was a researcher for the World Bank in Rwanda and China. His latest research focuses on the experience of social transformation in post-genocide context. He is co-editor of Genocide, Risk and Resilience and is finalising a book on Rwanda’s gacaca courts. More information and publications are available at

The Gacaca Courts in Rwanda: Contradictory Hybridity

Bert Ingelaere • May 4 2014 • Articles
The gacaca courts, which deal with crimes related to the 1994 genocide, are very well known, but their actual functioning and legacy remain little understood.

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