Author profile: Bhaso Ndzendze

Bhaso Ndzendze is Research Director at the University of Johannesburg Centre for Africa-China Studies.

(in the pic - President  Xi Jinping  addressing the FOCAC Business summit). President Jacob Zuma co-chairs the FOCAC Summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping - Sandton, Johannesburg. 04/12/2015, Elmond Jiyane, GCIS

African Democratisation and the One China Policy

Democratisation and electoral competitiveness in African states has led to a growth in the recognition of China.

Malawi and the One China Policy: 1964–2008

Malawi and the One China Policy: 1964–2008

Using Malawi as a case study, can economics account for why Taiwan has seemingly lost in the diplomatic battle for recognition against China in Africa?

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