Author profile: Cecilia Ducci and Pak K. Lee

Cecilia Ducci is a PhD candidate in the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Bologna, Italy. Her research focuses on the genocides in Darfur (Sudan), Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Pak K. Lee is a senior lecturer in Chinese politics and international relations at the University of Kent, United Kingdom. His latest book examines the South China Sea disputes from the perspectives of international order contestation and ontological security.

Their joint publication is ‘No Humanitarian Intervention in Asian Genocides: How Possible and Legitimate?’ Third Word Quarterly 41 (2020): 1575–94.

The Military Coup in Myanmar: Back to the ‘Normality’ of Autocracy?

Cecilia Ducci and Pak K. Lee • Feb 5 2021 • Articles

Once again the international community seems to be reluctant or unable to take effective measures to ensure the respect for liberal values and democracy in Asia.

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