Author profile: Christian Scheinpflug

Christian Scheinpflug is Lead Editor and Director of the Editorial Board at E-International Relations. He is also columnist at Chile Today.

Argentina’s Perseverance and Stability in the South Atlantic

Christian Scheinpflug • Jun 12 2016 • Articles
A dominant Argentina may unhinge the Antarctic Treaty. Britain must put forward a diplomatic offensive in the region and at the UN.

Review – The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914

Christian Scheinpflug • Nov 17 2015 • Features
A work of prime scholarship on the origins of the First World War, within which students and scholars of international relations will find plenty of substance.

Does Successful Diplomacy Rely on ‘Ripe Moments’?

Christian Scheinpflug • Sep 20 2015 • Essays
Challenging the academic consensus, the discussion and application of ripeness theory to concrete cases demonstrates the deficiency of notions of ‘ripe moments'.

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