Author profile: Christian Schweiger

Christian Schweiger is Senior Lecturer in the School of Government and International Affairs at Durham University. His research interests concentrate on the institutions, policies and the member states of the European Union (particularly the UK, Germany and the Central and Eastern European countries), the political economy of the EU Single Market, economic globalisation and transatlantic relations. He coordinates the UACES collaborative research network The EU Single Market in the Global Economy. He is the author of Britain, Germany and the Future of the European Union (Palgrave 2007), The EU and the Global Financial Crisis: New Varieties of Capitalism (Edward Elgar 2014) and is currently writing a new book on the EU’s legitimacy crisis.

The UK after the 2015 General Election: Doomed to Be a ‘Failed State’?

Christian Schweiger • Jun 11 2015 • Articles

Brexit is not an inevitability. In the absence of charismatic pro-European voices, the pro-EU camp will struggle to make its voice heard against eurosceptic voices.

Scottish Independence and Relations with the EU

Christian Schweiger • Jul 21 2012 • Articles

English Eurosceptics who consider Scottish independence as an opportunity to push their country quicker towards EU exit should think again. Scotland might have the last laugh after all.

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