Author profile: Coralie Hindawi

Coralie Pison Hindawi is Assistant Professor for International Law and International Relations at the American University of Beirut. The concept of Responsibility to Protect is one of her current research foci. She is the author of the book Vingt ans dans l’ombre du Chapitre VII (Twenty Years in the Shadow of Chapter VII), L’Harmattan, Paris, 2013, which analyses critically the use of coercion against Iraq and the role played by the UN Security Council in the progressive destruction of this country. She also recently published in the Journal for Conflict and Security Law a study on coercive non-conventional arms control, comparing the cases of Iraq and Iran.

R2P in Gaza: A Long Overdue Debate

Coralie Hindawi • Aug 4 2014 • Articles

If R2P will not save lives as quickly as one would like it to, its application to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can serve the search for a peaceful and just solution.

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