Author profile: Dana Cooper

Dana Cooper is Professor of History at Stephen F. Austin State University. Specializing in women’s, gender, and transatlantic history, she has presented papers in Austria, Canada, England, and Germany and has published with presses in Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United States. She is the author of Informal Ambassadors: American Women, Transatlantic Marriages, and Anglo-American Relations (2014), which led to her interview for the documentary “Million Dollar American Princesses,” that appeared on the Smithsonian Channel. She is the co-editor of Transatlantic Relations and Modern Diplomacy: An Interdisciplinary Examination (2013), Motherhood and War: International Perspectives (2014), and Motherhood in Antiquity (2017).

Review – Gendering Diplomacy and International Negotiation

Dana Cooper • May 21 2020 • Features

This cohesive edited volume brings together a broad range of research on gender within the foreign service, peacemaking, and international negotiation.

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