Author profile: Daniel Møller Ølgaard

Daniel Møller Ølgaard is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Political Science, Lund University. His research analyses the technopolitics of digital humanitarianism, examining the various ways in which technologies such as Virtual Reality, social media interfaces and algorithms participate in the governance and management of the emotional engagement of distant spectators in humanitarian disasters.

Reflections on Naomi Klein’s Pandemic Shock Doctrine

Daniel Møller Ølgaard • Sep 15 2020 • Articles

Combining Klein’s analysis with a focus on the necropolitical dimensions of digital capitalism shows how the digital-capitalist logic relies on the exploitation of human bodies.

Review – Making Things International 1: Circuits and Motion

Daniel Møller Ølgaard • Jan 6 2017 • Features

This book vividly shows how ‘things’ become agents within a New Materialism frame, making it a fine contribution of to the development of International Relations theory.

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