Author profile: Daniele Carminati

Daniele Carminati is a lecturer in International Relations and Diplomacy at the Beijing Foreign Studies University and holds a PhD in International Relations from the City University of Hong Kong. His research interest revolves around the sociocultural, economic, and political implications of globalization in East and Southeast Asia with a particular focus on soft power dynamics. Daniele is also a former commissioning editor at E-International Relations.

Is South Korea the New Quintessential Representation of Soft Power?

Daniele Carminati • Sep 18 2022 • Articles

South Korea’s extraordinary ascent is unlikely to be a temporary phenomenon, but the political direction of its soft power is yet to be determined.

The State of Japan’s Soft Power After the 2020 Olympics

Daniele Carminati • Aug 13 2022 • Articles

In a difficult period in which borders are being shut and dialogue and negotiations are less and less present, Japan’s foreign policy should be aimed at connecting.

Contextualizing Soft Power’s Analysis: The Value of Attractive National Features

Daniele Carminati • Feb 8 2021 • Articles

The international actors that manage to cope with today’s uncertain times are the ones that might see the strongest reputational upturn.

The State of China’s Soft Power in 2020

Daniele Carminati • Jul 3 2020 • Articles

China’s culture still has limited appeal, but as long as it is supported by economic assets and growth, its soft power is bound to attract.

China and Japan’s Connectivity Strategies in Southeast Asia: Thailand’s Case

Daniele Carminati • Mar 25 2020 • Articles

If Thailand manages to advance a mutually agreed vision for regional connectivity, it can potentially benefit both from competition and collaboration.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Debt Trap or Soft Power Catalyst?

Daniele Carminati • Sep 1 2019 • Articles

A reassessment of how China wants to present itself to the world should come sooner than later, as it takes a long time to build a trustworthy reputation.

The ‘Exceptional’ Chinese Soft Power: Outlier or Pioneer?

Daniele Carminati • Dec 11 2018 • Articles

Soft power is a term coined by Joseph Nye in the late 1980s. Soft or not, Chinese strategies are all-pervading although not necessarily sustainable in the current state.

Pushing the Boundaries of Soft Power: The Controversial Chinese Case

Daniele Carminati • Jul 11 2018 • Articles

When dealing with such a prominent and complex power as China, discussing and generalizing about its conduct may raise more questions than it answers.

The Case for an ASEAN Erasmus Programme

Daniele Carminati • Jan 29 2018 • Articles

Further initiatives and programmes ought to be instilled to encourage ASEAN students to pursue their education within ASEAN states.

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