Author profile: David Scott

David Scott, is an ongoing consultant-analyst and prolific writer on India and China foreign policy, and on the geopolitics and international relations of the Indo-Pacific and Asia-Pacific, having retired from teaching at Brunel University in 2015.

India’s Incremental Balancing in the South China Sea

David Scott • Jul 26 2015 • Articles
India’s strategic-military arrangements are implicitly China-centric, and with increasing significance for the balance of power in the South China Sea.

Nuclear breakthrough for the Indian navy?

David Scott • Jul 27 2009 • Articles
July 26 2009 saw a milestone reached by the Indian navy at Vishakapatnam, their eastern Command centre, as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh formally launched India's own domestically produced 6,000 ton nuclear powered submarine, INS Arihant. Has the moment arrived when the Indian navy achieves blue water status with a reliable nuclear deterrent?

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