Author profile: Dillon Tatum

Dillon Stone Tatum is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and Geography at Francis Marion University. His research and teaching interests are in international relations theory, the history of liberal internationalism, and critical security studies.

The Importance of Media Literacy in the Classroom

Dillon Tatum • Jul 21 2018 • Articles

If we want students to learn about the world, how it works, how structures and processes are connected, this requires students to engage with news media.

Welcome (Back) To the Ivory Tower

Dillon Tatum • Jun 22 2018 • Articles

Ivory Tower is for IR instructors to create dialogue, provide support, and further the enterprise of IR through advice and reflection on teaching, research, and service.

Teaching Our Students to Critique Again

Dillon Tatum • Jun 26 2017 • Articles

Failing to teach our international relations/politics is a failure to guide students in the process of developing their own value judgments.

(De)Civilizing Processes, Music, and Experiencing Violence

Dillon Tatum • May 30 2016 • Articles

Music, as a textual artifact, can tell us a lot about the way that politics is experienced. It’s time we recognized such texts as mosaics that challenge narratives.

The Paradox of Path Dependence: The Problem of Teleology in International Theory

Dillon Tatum • Jul 16 2012 • Articles

While path dependence tells us why institutions remain stable, the complexity of social life makes it difficult to predict random developments.

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