Author profile: Francis A. Beer and Robert Hariman

Francis A. Beer is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at University of Colorado. His books include: Meanings of War and Peace; Peace Against War: The Ecology of International Violence and Integration and Disintegration in NATO: Processes of Alliance Cohesion and Prospects for Atlantic Community as well as related monographs on The Political Economy of Alliances and How Much War in History. He has also co-edited (with Robert Hariman) Post-Realism: The Rhetorical Turn in International Relations. His present interests centre on meaning, metaphor and myth in international relations with a particular concern for war and peace.


Robert Hariman is Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University. He is the author of Political Style: The Artistry of Power and two volumes co-authored with John Louis Lucaites: No Caption Needed: Iconic Photographs, Public Culture, and Liberal Democracy, and The Public Image: Photography and Civic Spectatorship. His other publications include edited volumes on popular trials, prudence, post-realism, and the texture of political action. His work has been translated into French and Chinese. Together with John Louis Lucaites he maintains a blog:

Nature Plays Last: Realism, Post-Realism, Post-Pandemic

Francis A. Beer and Robert Hariman • Jun 7 2020 • Articles
COVID 19 is a crisis for both world politics and for international relations theory. Pandemic effects make it evident that theorists have ignored crucial actors and phenomena.

Realism, Post-Realism and ISIS

Francis A. Beer and Robert Hariman • Jan 17 2018 • Articles
ISIS has revealed that a productive stability probably needs more than the brokering of existing national interests by outside powers and local elites.

Maximizing Prudence in International Relations

Francis A. Beer and Robert Hariman • Feb 12 2013 • Articles
Like other forms of prudence, maxims are tools at hand that can help political actors feel their way through the thickets of international relations and point to constructive ways of being in world politics.

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